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CYPRUS - The Island of Aphrodite


Located at the crossroads of three continents and surrounded by the beautiful turquoise blue waters of the eastern Mediterranean, Cyprus is known to be a land of rich history, exotic cuisine, unspoiled wilderness and most of all, a place of great hospitality.

With pleasant weather year round, the island itself is defined by a scenic coastline as well as by two prominent mountain ranges where tiny, picturesque villages cling to green mountain slopes amongst blooms of fruit tree orchards, the scent of pine, and the sounds of cascading water.

Cyprus-The Island of Aphrodite is an essential travel guide to the island of Cyprus, made easy to follow, as if with a personal tour guide!

It is filled with authentic city and regional maps (provided by the government of Cyprus) all marked with recommended sites to see for effortless travel and site identification. Hundreds of vibrant oversized photos truly capture the essence of the island!

Your Essential Travel Guide to Cyprus

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