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Those who know Christos well they best describe him as a serial entrepreneur. He is a professional business owner (his company renovates large multifamily properties in the southeast U.S.), he is a real estate investor, an upscale home designer, an artist, an avid researcher, and the occasional author. Since 2011, he published three books, all "passion projects" as he calls them. 


His first book, “CYPRUS-The Island of Aphrodite,” published in 2011, is a travel guide to the Greek island of Cyprus. The book, which includes hundreds of photos and maps, is sold locally on the island and is geared towards the two million tourists who visit Cyprus on an annual basis. Christos also took all photographs in this easy to follow travel guide while the government of Cyprus provided all the city and regional maps.


His second book, “UCHRONIA?-Atlantis Revealed”, published in 2014, touches on several controversial topics and historical mysteries. Beginning with the first chapter “Atlantis Revealed” Christos reveals compelling evidence of a physical site, a prehistoric partially submerged landmass that in every way matches Plato's description of Atlantis. Every aspect of the topography, the chronology, the geology, and most importantly, prehistoric DNA migration patterns, all point to a textbook match! Compellingly, the book connects with several more controversial topics and provides clues and thoughts that could help explain some of the most contentious mysteries of our time.

Several of Christos articles on Atlantis and other topics also appeared in “Ancient Origins,” a known internet magazine.

UCHRONIA?-Atlantis Revealed is an NYC BIG BOOK AWARDS "2017 Distinguished Favorite."


As his first two books imply, Christos loves to travel, and undoubtedly, he finds historical mysteries and other scientific anomalies fascinating. On a more somber note, though, as in the case of many other Americans, he is also profoundly concerned with the current economic and public policies shaping the U.S. today and is the reason behind his latest book.

While purposely steering away from politics, “IT’S THE ECONOMY, STUPID!” (a phrase originally coined by James Carville in 1992) aims to familiarize the average individual with the fundamentals of the US economy, to help them better understand the essential choices politicians currently make on their behalf, and to allow them to demand better alternatives for themselves and their families.

It’s The Economy, Stupid! is an INDEPENDENT PRESS AWARDS “2018 WINNER.”

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